Slavic girls are rightly considered the most beautiful ones. But in any other folk there are many beautiful representatives of the weaker sex. Are there any special features (facial, behavior etc.) which can help in defining unmistakably a Russian girl from the other one, Ukrainian for instance?

According to external data
One should specify at once that there can’t be any compulsory, conventional ‘portrait’ of a Russian or a Ukrainian beauty. Slavic ethnic group was formed during many centuries and in various conditions. For instance, people living in the north of Russia (Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Pskov regions) are genetically and anthropologically very close to the folks of Northern Europe. That’s why girls of north-Russian type living there are as a rule fair-haired. Among them, there are many possessors of fair hair and blonde women as well. Eye color of the majority of them is grey and light-green.

Their noses are as a rule a bit pert.
Behavior of northern Russian people is characterized by calmness, deliberation. They are not given to wild emotions and may seem to be quite phlegmatic. That is how a ‘typical’ north Russian girl behaves. The inhabitants of the central part of Russia, especially a southern one, are much more like representatives of other Slavic folks – Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian women etc. Among them there are many girls with chestnut hair and brunettes. An eye-color may be various: grey, dark-green, brown. That’s why to differentiate such a girl from a Ukrainian one is quite uneasy. Here one should analyze other characteristics, not just appearance.

Pattern of conduct
In the most cases a Russian girl behaves in a more reserved and calm way. The majority of Ukrainian women are emotional, spontaneous in communication. They like talking much and loud gesticulating energetically. Women from Ukraine are very communicative. It’s a usual thing for them to get into any conversation in any company, even a completely unfamiliar one, without any embarrassment. That’s why they may seem even too pushy and tactless. Russian girls are as a rule more reserved and less communicative. They prefer dressing not so stridently as Ukrainian ones do. They wear less jewelry and use a less bright make-up. However, there are exclusions from any rule. Among Russian people there are those who like to differ from the others. For instance, they paint their hair in pink color and wear bright clothes. In some cases nationality plays no role.

In a Russian mentality there are is big accent put on the fact that behavior arises at the very beginning and isn’t apt to changing. In Ukrainian mentality there is an understanding that behavior and character of a person can change under some circumstances.

Every western man who had been in relationship with a Russian woman will say that he had never met such an unusual woman before. Russian women are capable of desperate moves, wild passion, deep feelings. When in love a Russian woman is reckless, she plunges into sudden love headlong. Ukrainian women are more provident, interesting and educated than Russian women of the same age. One can talk over various topics with them. One can find any originality in them. Men are ready for many things for such a woman while they loose their head. However, both Russian and Ukrainian brides make perfect wives . It’s never boring with them. They are a mix of a childish spontaneity, vulnerability from one side, and obedience and tolerance from the other side. They are playful and sweet, sometimes capricious and unpredictable. But they know how to sympathize, understand and support their man in hard times.