Your relationship has reached the stage of further development, and it's time to make an offer to your beloved. Making it as effective as possible depends on the degree of respect with which your ukrainian girls will respond to you in the future, thinking about this day. So a marriage request should be accompanied by a maximum of fantasy and romance, to which you are capable.

Offer may be different methods: there are a lot of options and below is just a small part.

Option 1. Standard.
This variant is quite common, and it can be seen in many films. Place - fine dining restaurant. Ring in a box, the Dutch rose or an orchid, a suit on a figure with an arsenal of accompanying funds. Impressive and kissing it is a way of exposure. Rarely what girl can resist such a proposal. For a complete stupefaction, you can invite a violinist, who will play you a romantic melody.

Option 2. The original.
In the original versions can give your marriage proposal in an unexpected and pleasant atmosphere. For example, you can arrange your favorite flash mob. Let each person in the flash mob come to the girl and give her one rose. In the final spawn you get up in front of the girl on one knee and ask for her hand and heart with a ring in your hand. Beautiful, touching and impressive; you will long to set an example.

Option 3. Public.
Make your proposal in any public institution where there is a mini-stage and a microphone. After asking the audience for a moment of attention, pre-read the speech in which you list the advantages of the girl, and briefly tell the story of your relationship. Next is the declaration of love and marriage proposal. It is crowned with a slow dance to the applause and admiration of others. If you decide to undertake this option, be sure that when you to write down the speech ahead of time, because of the excitement, even the most fluent speaker can forget the words. Using the cheat sheet, you get more chances to offer a beautiful and successful proposal.

And finally, a marriage proposal is the point at which you can start their life together. Taking care of a beautiful sentence, and well laid out everything in advance, you will win the original great authority in your future family. So do not neglect any means and do everything nicely.