Mixed marriages, in particular when Russian girls get married with foreigners have become a fashionable tendency for already long time ago. This phenomenon traces back to mid 90ies and up to the beginning of the new century a marriage immigration became especially popular. These were mainly young Russian girls younger than 30 (60%), the average age of which was 28. Men from foreign countries also marry Russian girls eagerly. The main reasons are: Russian girls have a high culture and education level, they are young and beautiful and also enduring and hard-working. Many experts consider that mixed marriages, especially when Russian girls marry foreigners, can lead to ‘exodus’ of Russian genes which equals the ‘brain exodus.
Among all the myths about girls from Russia and Ukraine one can mark out two main problems:
N 1. Is it true that all Russian women are extremely beautiful?
N 2. Is it true that all Russian women are on the pitch?
And in both cases an answer will be positive. Yes, it is so. Yes, Russian women are beautiful. And they are beautiful differently, not only meaning beauty associated with Anna Kurnikova. They are well-coiffed, they always wear make-up and dress so that their sexual identity evokes no uncertainty. What concerns being on the pitch, in the States a man wouldn’t allow himself even a decile of what is allowed in Russia. It doesn’t mean in any way that being on the pitch means immorality… No. It means just that in the countries of the former Soviet Union women allow men to hang around them, to show courtesies, to flirt, to get acquainted…
A disaster of Russian girls is that having such a powerful weapon as beauty and being unspoiled with feminism, they absolutely don’t know how to use it.
In America and in Europe women who know how to walk on heels and in dresses are endangered species. Men have to put up with equal rights and feminism and also with a completely new type of a woman. Women of this type have no code of honor, and law is as a rule on their side – one risks getting a request for summons for just one frivolous look. Men just forgot what means to feel oneself a superman by girl’s side – they are just not allowed to do it.
That’s why they have to have a ball in other spheres of activity – at work, in sports, in whiskey.
And in Russia all that lacks western men so much lays under one’s feet and loses its value. Women give in without practically any struggle and then they are ready to sit nearby and look with the eyes of a one-man dog.