Nowadays many foreigners want to have a wife from Russia. How are the Russian brides better then French, German, and American ones? Let’s try and puzzle out why in Russia in particular live the most popular brides. First, the majority of Russian women are beautiful and slender, with regular features. Second, outer beauty is accompanied with a sharp mind.
Third, in spite of high intelligence, the dream of a woman from Russia is not only a successful carrier, but also a close-knit family. Fourth, Russian girls become mothers at the age of 22-25.
Fifth, a wife from Russia is domesticated, faithful, able to understand her husband in a hard moment.
Naturally, everything above mentioned can't refer to all Russian women hundred per cent. There are exclusions for a general opinion. Why are then clever and beautiful brides appreciated abroad, and in homeland all these qualities are ignored? An answer is very simple: Russian men are spoiled with feminine affection and they really rest easy. A woman should not only raise kids but also feed and dress them, besides maintain order at home. If an American woman cooks a dinner for her husband it's an achievement for her, for our woman it is an everyday usual thing. Therefore, a Russian woman has to look for a man who will worthily appreciate all her efforts.

Maybe the thing is even not in the white skin, eloquent eyes and visual appeal but in the ability of Russian women to love, respect, understand, and submit to her man. It will be just to say that sometimes not only Slavic beauty attracts but an open, big Russian heart.
Beautiful and lonely brides from Russia – foreigners’ dream
Western men one and all dream of Russian wives, come to Russia with the purpose to find a wife for them, apply to dating agencies and even get acquainted individually with the help of Internet-resources. What attracts them then? Do Russian women really differ so much from Western women?
As polling shows, Western men consider Russian women to be more kind, housewifely, caring. At the same time western wives seem to be too demanding, spoiled and mercantile. There is probably a grain of truth in it. Doubtless, Russian women look much better, dress neater, do housework much better. Russian women win not only with their domesticity. They are extremely beautiful and sexy. It goes to show that even without higher education Russian women arrange their family life more successfully than their colleagues in Europe. Certainly, in the west there also are beautiful women, but Russian women are feminine, they know how to present themselves, they know how to be liked. Western women are too self-sufficient, independent and cold. They are inflexible, not able to renounce their principles and opinions. The thing is in upbringing, for growing up in secured families they are waiting for the best in life being very demanding to everything that is around them. Rich Russia’s brides are really rich in their soul, they are a source of comfort, warmth and kindness, it is easy and everything is clear with them. Our women are able to adapt to any circumstances, they have tolerance, know how to understand. Compromise is the thing that is a way of solution to all the conflicts. For a Russian woman a family is above all while western women prefer carrier.
In other words, a synthesis of such wonderful qualities makes Russian brides the most wished for foreigners.