Big international dating companies organize romantic tours to these cities. Here those who go on a trip through Ukraine according to their individual program prefer to come. Top-5 cities where you can come across the most beautiful women of Ukraine: (more ukrainische girls fotos in katalog

Women from the northern capital of Ukraine look the most aggressively of all representatives of our list. Probably, the reason for this is culture that lets them be assertive and purposeful. They are noisy, cheerful and shamelessly beautiful. Most of them have blue sapphire eyes and fair hair, brunettes can be also met here, though not so often. Classic European appearance means regular facial features, slim figure – here is a short characteristic of Kharkov women.

The most beautiful girls live in the capital of Ukraine. They spare no effort and money to look good, and it gives a perfect result. Being the sexiest women of the planet they are very family-oriented and feminine at the same time. Kiev women are famous for their beauty and love of freedom, as well as knowing how to live. More about girls from Kiev read on

There are so many beauties in the western Ukraine. Lviv region is just full of beauties. Almost the half of women’s population of this region in younger than 40, and the majority of them are elegant brunettes with slim bodies. Many of them live healthy life here, walk on foot much, eat mostly homemade food. Probably, the secret of beauty of girls from western Ukraine is here.

There is something unimaginably romantic about Odessa – language, culture, art, people. In the Southern Palmira everything is beautiful – food, wine, and, naturally, girls. Population of the south of Ukraine is a result of mixing of northern blood with genes of citizens of southern Europe which couldn’t be left without a trace. Women here look just awesome – fair skin, tender hair, beautiful tempting lips… If you add to this a knowing how to dress in a feminine and sexy way – that’s Odessa beauty. More info-

This small provincial city is located in the south of Ukraine, a little bit eastwards from Odessa. The city has a very rich history and culture. Also, except all this, here live the most beautiful women in Ukraine. Girls in Nikolayev pay much attention to their appearance so that they look just awesome.