Lately an interest to Russia grows, and to Russian women surely too – among foreigners with their ideas of ‘a mysterious Russian soul’ and among Russians themselves. It is known that in the West Slavs are taken as people unintelligible and unpredictable, from this a term ‘Slavic soul’ came into common use. Separately Russian wives are worth mentioning – their free consent for secondary roles in a family, their readiness for doing any job and loading on their shoulders a charge of everyday family life, their humble common habits, a tradition to support a husband during hard times of life.
But sometimes a Russian tradition to load all problems on women’s shoulders backfires with a reactive wish – to avoid all these problems, to leave everything, to desert, to marry a foreigner, to leave Russia. According to the statistics, the number of marriages with foreigners exceeds all the time. A quarter of a total number of such marriages is contracted between citizens of former USSR republics which got a name of the ‘near abroad’. But a vast majority of mixed marriages are with foreigners from a ‘far abroad’.
What concerns Russian women, as statistics shows they are of big demand on a 'dating market'. First, they are racially close to Europeans with their European appearance. Moreover, there are many beautiful women in Russia, and their beauty is unique. And no matter how slender and bright western movie-stars and top-models are, for a vast majority of men (73%) there are no women in the world more beautiful than Slavic, Russian and Ukrainian girls… Only 7% of them consider that beauties live in France, 3% live in Poland…

Besides, Russian women are not just beautiful, but in average they have a higher educational and cultural level than in the West. Among citizens of Russian and Ukrainian cities 55% have diplomas of higher education. They like to read, they are keen on literature and art news, they learn everything new quickly, including a language. It is interesting to communicate with them, they will always be in the groove. Men are at the same time attracted by such traits of Russian wives as kindness, industry, desire for home comfort. Their important trait is sympathy, trying to understand another person, a developed intuition, a desire to help and to live through a hard period together.
From all that a conclusion may be made that characteristics of Russian women, both physical and psychological, are very attractive for western men. Due to this marriages with them are quite popular in Europe and America. And most often in the basis of such marriages lays a sincere mutual love, a romantic affair, though naturally there are exclusions… But only one thing is absolutely true – a wife from Russia is a happy lottery ticket. Use it.